Photoshoots for cyclists

Confession time, I bet you’ve sometimes imagined yourself on the cover of a cycling magazine? Admit it, life isn’t complete without your bike and all its fancy gear! So why not make those dreams come true? I specialise in outdoor cycling photography regardless of if it’s roads/hills/gravel-whatever type of ride matters most to you; there’s something about knowing exactly what background suits each shoot which captures the moment perfectly. Get your best kit on and get ready because this could be the most fun you’ve ever had on your bike.

About me

With fourteen years as an experienced professional photographer and multiple published pieces to show for it there’s no turning back! My love affair with cycling has finally come together beautifully through this new website called “Cycling Photoshoots” where you can find everything you need to know.

cycling photography


I offer one to one cycling photography sessions along with photographing local crits and races as well as national or international cycling events. See the services menu for more details.